Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ecommerce Solutions

 Facebook applications became so diversified that they will serve purposes different than simply promoting your merchandise. Ecommerce websites will provide your customers the benefit of shopping online however Facebook e-commerce applications can facilitate your customers build shopping for selections in a socially influenced virtual setting.

You'll be able to either create a list app that lists your merchandise however links back to your ecommerce website or you'll be able to produce a transaction app that permits the customer to form the purchase there and then.

Facebook may be a social networking expertise during a virtual world. The quantity one rule is to keep your client engaged together with your brand. Facebook applications will add that interactivity that isolated e-commerce websites may not. Facebook eCommerce apps will present your online look in a fun way and grab your client when he's most willing to accept friends’ opinions and be influenced by your whole ambassadors.

For example, Sensa Weight Loss includes a Facebook app for online shoppers. The app isn't only designed well, but it provides a ton of meaningful selections to the client like taking recommendations from friends, sharing product on their Timelines and alternative social platforms further. A recurrent “like” button also reminds customers to require an action if they find the product praise-worthy.

Take-away: Sensa Weight Loss’ eCommerce app lets users ‘get advice from friends’ showing that Sensa truly understands what an app on Facebook suggests that to its fans.

You want to perceive the distinction between an eCommerce website and an eCommerce app, not simply technically but how your customers behave on every. On an eCommerce website, there is a lot of room to spare therefore you can show your entire vary of product with ease. On a Facebook eCommerce app, don’t build the error of overloading the customer with a heap of merchandise on the first page. It can solely make them run away. Research on what your customers talk about the most on Facebook or what their recent demands are and then curate your eCommerce app to indicate them specifically what they want.

For example, Penguin Books has an app that shows “Daily Deal”. The app presents one book out of the thousands of Penguin Books obtainable and captures your attention immediately. It then shows the date and time when the daily deal can be available and lists eBook websites where you'll be able to take advantage of it.

When your customers “like” your Facebook page and become an admirer, they expect one thing in come back. If you’re employing a Facebook eCommerce app, it is continually a good plan to reward your fans by giving them special discounts. After all, they are promoting your complete each time they like or touch upon your post and providing you with space in their friends’ News Feeds!

For example, Natural Body Inc. sells its merchandise in a very catalogue-like app and shows discounted prices together with original prices thus Facebook fans know specifically how much they're benefiting. Even though the design of the app is terribly simple, the message is terribly clear: use the app and you get to save cash. A counter at the top lists how several items you have got in your looking bag and the total quantity you will be spending on them.

Take-away: Natural Body Inc. shows that it values its Facebook fans and desires them to keep coming back back to their page just to use their Facebook Store app.

Letting your customers apprehend that their opinion matters and that you just care regarding their thoughts on your merchandise shows that a complete actually needs to serve its customers. Feedback is crucial for any brand to acknowledge how it can improve on its product. Facebook eCommerce apps give a terribly straightforward manner to urge this feedback: in the form of Facebook likes and comments. At intervals the app, you'll simply add a house for your customers to place their thoughts in and share with you in addition to other customers.

For example, Freeline Sports Europe’s eCommerce app sports 2 things with dedicated spaces and provides the user with a comment box therefore they will place in their product reviews right there. What a nice approach to create your consumers speak concerning you!

Take-away: Freeline Sports provides a privilege to its fans by adding a easy comment box and shows its own confidence in its products. This conjointly increases the impressions their product build on Facebook.

This is a easy technique but will work wonders for your merchandise. In an eCommerce app for Facebook, showing a simple counter for the quantity of folks who have ‘liked’ the item creates an influence on the customer’s decision method. This may be a small addition to your app but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a recommendation. The ‘likes’ counter might offer your hesitant customer the ultimate push they need to add the item to their looking cart.

For example, Road Runner Sports has added a Facebook like counter and a tweet button with each product to indicate the recognition of the item. You'll browse by class and by value and among the list prioritise by the quantity of times the product was praised.

Take-away: When making an ecommerce app for Facebook, you have got to realise that the essence of the social network ought to not be lost and with easy techniques like Road Runner’s, it shouldn’t be thus exhausting.

Forever suppose regarding how you'll add worth to your application. Again, keep in mind that Facebook may be a virtual social expertise where folks expect to interact with their friends and relish their time. If your app appears too boring or too static, your fan will switch to doing one thing else. To stay them engaged, add something ‘further’ to your app depending on your brand’s personality such as a punch-line with every product, a celeb endorsement message, a fun reality your customers may not apprehend, a distinctive means of using your product etc.

Facebook eCommerce apps provide great room for interactivity and networking that websites and brick-and-mortar presences could not be ready to realize. When creating an app to boost sales through Facebook, have interaction your customers, provide them exclusive product listings catered to their needs, reward them for using the app, ask for their feedback and show them if their friends like the identical product.


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